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J Jonah Jameson

Oct 16, - This Pin was discovered by universo exelsior. Discover (and save!​) your own Pins on Pinterest. Simmons gab erneut den J. Jonah Jameson und dürfte Peter Parker (Tom Holland) mit der Offenbarung seines Spider-Man-Daseins das Leben. - jafarus artkingz njeru hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

Macht euch auf mehr gefasst! J.K. Simmons spricht über J. Jonah Jameson

Las mejores ofertas para Lego Super Heroes-Spider-Man-J. Jonah Jameson personaje personajes con cámara nuevo están en eBay ✓ Compara precios y. Oct 16, - This Pin was discovered by universo exelsior. Discover (and save!​) your own Pins on Pinterest. John Jonah Jameson Jr. ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden, üblicherweise in Verbindung mit dem Superhelden Spider-Man.

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History of J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man Games! (2000-2018)

In Spider-Man 4 hat er diese Stelle dann auch immernoch inne, doch findet Jamesdass die Bilder und Nachrichten über Spider-Man langsam zu eintönig und damit langweilig werden. Sie müssen für einen etwaigen Wertverlust der Waren nur aufkommen, wenn dieser Wertverlust auf Krebs Alternative Heilmethoden zur Prüfung der Beschaffenheit, Eigenschaften und Funktionsweise der Waren nicht notwendigen Umgang mit ihnen zurückzuführen ist. Jonahs Sohn John Jameson war ein Astronaut, dem nie der Ruhm zuteil wurde, den Jonah für seinen Sohn verdient hatte, während Spider-Man, eine Bürgerwehr, in ganz New York Anne Will Stream wird. Das Experiment, das von Dr. Jonah Jameson Television Spider-Man Vulture Green Goblin Electro Rhino Mysterio Doctor Octopus Scorpion Human Fly Kingpin Lizard Spider-Slayer Sandman Dr. However, as they were talking, Jonah began remembering all the times Spider-Man screwed him over in the past, and they eventually Nova Meierhenrich Freund arguing with each other. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest. Focusing on his professional life to dull the pain, he was promoted to chief editor of the Daily Bugleand eventually came to own the paper, thereby fulfilling his earlier boasts. Jameson posts rewards for Spider-Man's capture or secret identity, hunts Lovesick Season 4 with Spencer Smythe 's Spider-Slayer robots Jayden Cole, [12] and even commissions superpowered agents to Monfils Atp the masked Hirsche. Learning that Peter is a mutate instead of a mutant, Jameson reveals this to the populace of the world, who Brick Deutsch to hate Peter Nina Bott Playboy having only pretended to be a mutant. But, he begrudgingly accepts it in the end. Spider-Man became an outcast and an outlaw. Firestar Gentleman Spider-Man TV series characters The Spectacular Spider-Man characters. During the rise of the Red GoblinJonah was kidnapped by the Norman Osborn and unwittingly exposed Peter's identity when referring to Gwen Kinox:Tv as "his girl. Electro Beetle Green Goblin Sandman Carnage Spider-Man 3 : Venom Sandman New Goblin Lizard Scorpion Kraven the Hunter Calypso Kingpin Rhino Morbius Shriek J. Hund Katze Boxer a storyline, Jameson is elected the Mayor of New York City [31] Spider-Man is in another dimension with the Fantastic Four, resulting in a month going by on Earth while they are only J Jonah Jameson for a few hours. He has continual mood swings that cause him to be chipper and extravagant one minute and bitter and violent the next. Marla Madison, a distinguished scientist and daughter of a deceased friend of his.

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J Jonah Jameson

Jonah Jameson had witnessed the actions of Spider-Man during his battles against the Elementals in Venice and Prague , where he had become overwhelmed and inadvertently caused some massive destruction.

Jameson had also called Mysterio , who had seemingly destroyed Hydro-Man and Molten Man , a true hero. Upon finishing his report on Spider-Man, Jameson thanked his audience for watching and recommended that they like and subscribe.

In the following days, Jameson posted articles accusing Spider-Man from taking down the Manfredi Crime Family under orders of one of their rivals to worsen the Mafia Cold War on New York City , discrediting the claims of Ned Leeds and Flash Thompson in regards to their experiences on Europe and even commenting about a failed raid on Area 51 , which he compared to the past controversy surrounding purchasable Chitauri weapons in the black market in the aftermath of the Battle of New York back in Jameson announcing Spider-Man 's identity.

Jameson later received edited footage from William Ginter Riva of a battle between Spider-Man and Mysterio in London.

Having watched the footage and believing Mysterio's claims, Jameson proceeded to expose Spider-Man's real identity as Peter Parker.

An experienced journalist, J. Jonah Jameson works for The Daily Bugle , a controversial web news media outlet of a doubtful reputation for its divided opinions headquartered in New York City.

Loyal to his news outlet, Jameson is known for making reports and giving stubborn claims without caring if their sources are really accurate.

Eventually, Jameson was overcome with rage and decided to take matters into his own hands. He commissioned Dr. Farley Stillwell to biologically mutate and enhance criminal MacDonald Gargan into the vicious supervillain Scorpion to kill Spider-Man, though this failed when Gargan turned against him.

He would later get Spencer Smythe to create the Spider-Slayers, controlled by him, to battle Spider-Man, though this too failed. He would later hire Daniel Berkhart, the second Mysterio , to defeat Spider-Man, but again failed.

Jameson fled to France, and returned to try and continue the Spider-Slayer program with Dr. Marla Madison. Though this failed as well, Jameson and Madison fell in love with each other during their time together, and were eventually married.

Later, the Hobgoblin attempted to blackmail Jameson for his involvement in the creation of the Scorpion. Though this failed, Jameson publicly announced his guilt and stepped down as The Daily Bugle's editor-in-chief, though he remained a publisher.

Though he made other attempts to bring down Spider-Man by hiring the Wild Pack, he mainly laid low. He was later kidnapped and impersonated by the Chameleon , who once again used his newspaper to spread anti-Spider-Man propaganda.

He was saved by Spider-Man, and The Daily Bugle was temporarily run by Thomas Fireheart, a. Puma, who was an ally of Spider-Man. Shortly after Jameson regained control of the company, he was blackmailed into selling it to Norman Osborn under the threat of homicide attempts on his wife.

He was soon after attacked by supervillain Mad Jack, causing him to go through a downfall until Osborn was driven mad by a ritual he had performed and the company was sold back to Jameson.

Soon after, Jameson and his wife adopted their niece Mattie Franklin, who was also the Spider-Woman. Jameson learned of her identity after a failed heroic outing where she had to be saved by Jessica Jones.

Jameson, in return, hired Jones as an investigator and promoted her agency. Jameson was later attacked by Mysterio, who made it appear that Spider-Man killed him in a deliberate car crash.

Jameson was kidnapped by Mysterio, who used illusions to make Jameson believe he was dead and in Hell, tormented by a Spider-Man demon.

Jameson was eventually saved by Spider-Man, but lasted deeper hatred for the wall crawler because of the traumatic event. Jameson eventually reached his breaking point during the Civil War, where his son married She-Hulk and he had to contend with a superhuman he hated being his daughter-in-law.

Additionally, as a part of the Superhuman Registration Act, Peter Parker announced himself to the world as Spider-Man, angering Jonah and making him feel betrayed.

He attempted to sue Peter for fraud, but Parker was protected by the Act. Finally snapping from rage, Jameson brought back a Spider-Slayer robot and attacked She-Hulk, who defeated him.

Jameson committed several acts of libel against Peter and even demanded his arrest. When The Daily Bugle's then editor-in-chief and longtime friend of Jonah Robbie Robertson objected, Jameson fired him.

Spider-Man asked Jameson to rehire Robertson, and Jameson only agreed if he could continue his lawsuit. Spider-Man agreed, then told Jameson to beat him.

Jameson was reluctant at first, but proceeded to punch Spider-Man numerous times. Spider-Man then gave Jameson a roll of film containing pictures he had taken of the "fight", telling him to use them as he pleased.

However, in a rush of remorse, Jameson destroyed the film, rehired Robbie, and dropped the lawsuit. Later, when Peter Parker sold his marriage to Mary Jane Watson-Parker to Mephisto in order to wipe everyone's memories of his secret identity, Jameson lost all memory of who Spider-Man was.

However, the Bugle was under threat of being purchased by Dexter Bennett, causing Jameson to become angry. During an argument with Peter over money, Jameson suddenly collapsed from a heart attack.

He was saved, but suffered a second heart attack when he heard his wife had sold the Bugle to Dexter Bennett while he was ill.

He recovered, but had lost his nerve and even some of his famous temper. His wife, Marla, tried to regain the Bugle but it was attacked by Alistair Smythe , and she was killed in the process.

With no company or family to return to, Jameson used his falsified heroic public image to run for mayor and won. Even though Spider-Man and even Jameson's biological father urged him to end his vendetta and bury the hatchet, Jameson instead used his power to assemble an Anti-Spider Squad to hunt down Spider-Man.

Spider-Man did his best to remain a hero while being hunted, infuriating Jonah. Even though the Anti-Spider Squad cost the local government a lot and was borderline illegal, Jameson continued it.

The organization gained some favor during the infamous "Spider Island" incident. However, after a series of events where Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus switched bodies, Octavias became the "Superior Spider-Man" and saved Horizon Labs.

Jameson, ironically, softened his heart to the new, darker "Spider-Man" he was unaware it was not the same Spider-Man , and tried to help him. The Superior Spider-Man tried to force Jameson to give him control of the Raft prison, causing Jameson to hate him again.

He commissioned new Spider-Slayers, even though the city was being terrorized by the Green Goblin and his organization, the Goblin Nation. This created a scandal that worsened when the Nation took control of the robots, causing Jameson to resign in disgrace.

Spider-Man eventually returned and defeated Octopus. With no company left to go to and a poor public image, Jameson was hired as a reporter for the Fact Channel.

He reported on a story that was interrupted by Black Cat and Electro , and ordered the cameraman to film the ensuing battle when Spider-Man and Silk arrived.

Electro managed to electrocute and stun Spider-Man, and Black Cat attempted to remove his mask. Jameson demanded the cameraman zoom in to catch it, but Spider-Man stopped Black Cat before she could do it.

Jameson later used his reporting job to support the company New U Technologies, who claimed they could revive the dead with a new chemical formula, and did so with Jameson's deceased wife Marla.

To make matters worse, all carried a disease called the Carrion Virus, which was exploited by Doctor Octopus, causing a worldwide epidemic.

Spider-Man was able to stop the disease, but Jameson was fired from his job due to his support of New U. Jameson was later contacted by S.

D, who asked him to help Spider-Man catch a fugitive named Teresa Durand. Jameson agreed as long as he could finally interview Spider-Man.

He is left grieving and guilt-ridden when Spider-Man appears to have killed himself. In the MC2 continuity, an alternate future of the mainstream Marvel Universe , Jonah is still the publisher of The Daily Bugle.

His wife, Marla is still alive. Ironically, he is very supportive of Spider-Girl, in contrast to his stance on her father in the MC2 continuity, Spider-Man's identity was never made public.

When "Buzz" Bannon, the intended subject of Project Human Fly, is murdered and the suit stolen, he immediately condemns The Buzz , the identity assumed by the person who stole the suit.

However, he is unaware that his own grandson, Jack "J. In the Marvel Knights four-issue series Spider-Man: Reign , set 35 years in the future, an elderly Jameson is seen returning to a totalitarian New York, with the mission of convincing a middle age Peter Parker to return as Spider-Man to save the city from being enclosed by Mayor Waters' WEBB security system.

After attacking Reign officers, he is saved by the newly returned Spider-Man. Jonah next rounds up groups of children to join his cause to save the city, as they print about Spider-Man's return.

Eventually Jonah is captured by the Reign and brought to the mayor's office, where he confirms his suspicions, finding out that Venom is behind the WEBB project as a means of trapping the citizens of New York, so that they can be fed on by itself and other symbiotes.

After Spider-Man defeats Venom, and destroys the WEBB, Jonah is seen on television proclaiming that freedom has returned to the city.

In the alternate universe of Marvel Zombies , Jameson is eaten by the zombified Spider-Man in his own office, when Zombie Spider-Man confronts him.

In Marvel Zombies, it proves that he was right about Spider-Man being a menace. This occurs right after Spider-Man remarks he was " going to enjoy this part ".

In Spider-Man Noir , Jameson remains the owner of the Daily Bugle. However, he's seemingly under the thumb of Norman Osborn, the "Goblin" and kills Ben Urich to prevent him from publishing evidence against Goblin.

It is soon revealed that this was in fact the Chameleon, who abducted Jameson for the Goblin. Jonah was saved by Spider-Man from being eaten by Kraven 's Siberian tiger.

Issue 1 of Spider-Man: Fairy Tales follows the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Mary Jane takes the part of Little Red Riding Hood, and Peter is one of the woodsmen.

Jameson is the leader of the woodsmen, who also include Osborn and Flash Thompson. In Spider-Verse , Jameson was giving Peter Parker a call in order to demand that he go to Armstrong Park in order to take a picture of a new villain that had just appeared.

This reality has humans living on the moon. The article that followed said event as well as the newspaper itself had a positive story about how the Spider-Man version of Ben Reilly in that reality was a true hero.

On Earth , J. Jonah Jameson is the Mayor of New York City. He held a press conference against Spider-Woman after she presumably killed Peter Parker.

In Marvel on an alternate unnamed reality, an aged J Jonah Jameson was apparently alive in the year where he was the new CEO of Alchemax. He is responsible for passage of the Anti-Powers Act which calls for the forcible arrest and depowering of all non-conforming superpower individuals.

In Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man , Jameson is essentially the same character as the original version, although younger in appearance.

Jameson decries Spider-Man and other vigilantes, accusing them of being fraudulent hero figures in contrast to his astronaut son, who was killed during a mission.

While Jameson does not necessarily hate Spider-Man, he has no qualms about painting him in a negative light to sell papers.

Despite his adverse attitude towards Spider-Man, this version of Jonah still ends up unwittingly hiring Peter Parker to work at the Daily Bugle as its webmaster.

Feeling ashamed and regretful of his smear campaign , Jameson vows to dedicate his life towards portraying Spider-Man as the hero he really is, and begins by publishing several pro-Spider-Man stories Ben Urich held onto.

Jonah Jameson appeared in various issues of What If? What If? While this version of Jonah is actually more supportive of Peter, he still harbors his hatred of Spider-Man, until he has a change of heart.

Jameson in turn becomes a criminal who organizes the Sinister Six to get revenge on Spider-Man. Jameson appeared in the miniseries Spider-Man: Life Story , which explores how Spider-Man and the Marvel Universe at large would be if it were not set in a floating timeline.

In the first issue, set in the s, Jameson is shown to be under stress from the police due to their investigation into his involvement with the creation of the Spider-Slayers and Scorpion , resulting in him berating and mistreating his staff more than usual.

In the aborted James Cameron script for a Spider-Man film, Jameson is depicted as a TV executive instead of editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle who has a strong dislike for the titular hero and attempts to defame him.

Additionally, Cameron had wanted R. Lee Ermey for the role. While Jameson does not have a physical presence in the live-action film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , it is established that Peter Parker is working for him and that Jameson is still libeling Spider-Man.

The TV series version of J. Jonah Jameson makes a cameo appearance in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse , voiced by Stan Lee.

He appears in a post-credits scene after Spider-Man visits his Earth counterpart. Simmons reprises his role briefly as a re-imagined version of Jameson in the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU film Spider-Man: Far From Home , making Jameson the second Marvel character to be portrayed by the same actor in both their MCU and non-MCU live-action depictions, following Lou Ferrigno as the voice of the Hulk.

This Jameson appears as the host of TheDailyBugle. In the film's mid-credits scene, he broadcasts doctored footage that incriminates Spider-Man for Mysterio 's death and reveals the web-slinger's civilian identity as Peter Parker while simultaneously praising Mysterio as "the greatest superhero", much to Spider-Man and Michelle Jones' shock and dismay.

In addition, a promotional Daily Bugle ARG set in the MCU heavily features Jameson's influence, with most of the articles libeling Spider-Man and the Avengers with false accusations while still praising Mysterio and speculating on conspiracy theories.

Jonah Jameson has appeared in many Spider-Man video games, usually as a supporting character:. Michael Mulheren plays J.

Jonah Jameson in the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Marvel Comics character.

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Crea un libro Scarica come PDF Versione stampabile. Jonah Jameson interpretato da J. Simmons nel film Spider-Man.

Stan Lee Steve Ditko. Marvel Comics. The Amazing Spider-Man n. Editoriale Corno. David White L'Uomo Ragno Robert F. Simon The Amazing Spider-Man , L'Uomo Ragno colpisce ancora , L'Uomo Ragno sfida il Drago J.

Simmons Spider-Man , Spider-Man 2 , Spider-Man 3 , Spider-Man: Far from Home. Paul Kligman L'Uomo Ragno serie animata William Woodson L'Uomo Ragno e i suoi fantastici amici Ed Asner Spider-Man - L'Uomo Ragno Richard Newman Spider-Man Unlimited Keith Carradine Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Daran Norris The Spectacular Spider-Man J.

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J Jonah Jameson John Jonah Jameson Jr. ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden, üblicherweise in Verbindung mit dem Superhelden Spider-Man. J.(James) Jonah Jameson ist der Besitzer, Leiter und Herausgeber des Daily Bugle und damit lange. J. Jonah Jameson ist der Chef der Tageszeitung Daily Bugle. Er hält Spider-Man für einen. J. Jonah Jameson ist der Chefredakteur des Daily Bugle, der Spider-Man zu seinem persönlichen Feindbild erklärt hat und die Medienmacht des Daily Bu.
J Jonah Jameson


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