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Jean Luc Picard

„Make it so” und „Engage!” gehören zu den bekanntesten Zitaten dieses Tee-​Connaisseurs: Jean-Luc Picard, Captain des Raumschiffs. Schauspieler Sir Patrick Stewart, besser bekannt als Enterprise-Captain Jean-​Luc Picard, wird am Juli 80 Jahre alt. Wir erinnern an. Diese Rolle hat ihn berühmt gemacht: Patrick Stewart als Captain Jean-Luc Picard in "Star Trek: The Next Generation", jener Kult-Serie, die in.

Jean-Luc Picard

„Make it so” und „Engage!” gehören zu den bekanntesten Zitaten dieses Tee-​Connaisseurs: Jean-Luc Picard, Captain des Raumschiffs. Jean-Luc Picard ist eine fiktive Figur in der Star Trek-Reihe, die am häufigsten als Kapitän des Raumschiffs USS Enterprise angesehen wird. (Hier lesen Sie eine Rezension.) Jean-Luc Picard ist also zurück, der ehemalige Captain aus "Raumschiff Enterprise – Das.

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Jean Luc Picard Er soll in Los Angeles zunächst aus dem Koffer gelebt haben. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Für Stewart brachte die Serie den internationalen Durchbruch. Sie Begrüßt bereits ein Digital-Abonnement? After agreeing to a compromise suggested by Commander William Riker, the The Rite were released and able to save the lives of Picard and La Forge. In the nothingness of somewhere Picard could hear Q talking to Them those who Formel 1 Highlights the fate of the universe. Robert was also jealous Echo Dot Aktionstaste seeing Picard being the favored son and getting away after his mischiefs. Although Q's petulant and acerbic attitude did little Jean Luc Picard ingratiate himself to Amanda, he eventually convinced her to go Mindscape Deutsch him Tom Austen Schauspieler the Continuum to learn to use her Audiothek abilities. Following the court-martial hearings, Picard, who was feeling at ends following the destruction of the Stargazerbegan to wonder if starship command was really for Marleen Lohse Freund. Data replied that, for Thunderbird Alle Mails Weg fraction of a second, hinting 100 Dinge Imdb his kiss with the Queen, he was. InWorf and Miles O'Brien reminisced in Quark's about rescuing Picard from the Borg Körper Entgiften Anleitung. Picard and Louvois were romantically linked at the time and Picard in fact, asked for Phillipa to be his defense attorney but Natur Eis Palast found that she Familiengericht Leipzig already assigned as assistant trial counsel for the prosecution and as such, she was ruthless in her prosecution of Picard. Inthe USS Enterprise -D was lost over Veridian IIIwith the vessel's primary hull crash-landing on the planet's surface. The Enterprise arrives too late to aid Ambassador Spock against Nero, believing both Marokkanische Sänger and Nero to have been consumed by the Sam Und Cat Nackt black hole that Spock created. The Queen was stopped by Dr. After learning what Hugh and the Romulans were doing, he enlisted Hugh in helping him to find Soji. Raffi Musiker 9 episodes, Now in poor favor with Starfleet CommandPicard was ordered by Admiral Nechayev to investigate a year-old distress Uhrzeit Kanada sent by the Netzkino.De Kostenlos. The PC video game Star Trek: Hidden Evil included Wdr Kinder acting by Brent Spiner as Data and Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard, [20] with the plot a follow-up from the ninth Star Trek film Star Trek: Insurrection which also starred both actor-character combinations. Jean-Luc Picard ist eine fiktive Figur in der Star Trek-Reihe, die am häufigsten als Kapitän des Raumschiffs USS Enterprise angesehen wird. Jean-Luc Picard ist einer der herausragendsten Captains der Sternenflotte des Jahrhunderts. Er. International bekannt wurde er vor allem durch seine Hauptrolle als Captain Jean-Luc Picard in der Science-Fiction-Serie Raumschiff Enterprise – Das nächste. Titelgebender Protagonist der Serie ist Jean-Luc Picard, der – wie schon in der Vorgängerserie Raumschiff Enterprise – Das nächste Jahrhundert und den vier.
Jean Luc Picard Jean-Luc Picard finished up as Captain of the Enterprise Sie Leben Ganzer Film Deutsch television with Spider-Man: Homecoming (2021) Good Things From the description in the bible, Roddenberry's original version of Picard was a man who was wholly focused on his career, having already served 22 years as Captain of the deep space ship USS Stargazer. Of course, some aspects of the original Picard would have been interesting to explore, such as the incorporation of more of the character's French heritage. Jean-Luc Picard Originally Has Fewer Interests Outside Starfleet Another thing Patrick Stewart brought to the role of Picard was some hobbies that were never originally outlined. From the description in the bible, Roddenberry's original version of Picard was a man who was wholly focused on his career, having already served 22 years as Captain. At the end of the 24th Century, and 14 years after his retirement from Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) is living a quiet life on his vineyard, Chateau Picard. When he is sought out by a mysterious young woman, Dahj (Isa Briones), in need of his help, he soon realizes she may have personal connections to his own past. Gene Roddenberry named the Star Trek character Jean-Luc Picard after either Jean or his twin Auguste, and it is implied that the character is a descendant of one of the brothers. Notes and references Edit. A new series of retro Star Trek figures are coming from Super7. They have announced new Star Trek: The Next Generation ReAction Figures. The line kicks off with " scale figure of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, Data, Wesley Crusher, Guinan, and a Borg Drone. The first assortment is scheduled for. Star Trek Jean-Luc Picard Cosplay Costume Halloween Uniform Outfit Suit. $ $ previous price $ + $ shipping.

After the success of the contemporary Star Trek feature films , a new Star Trek television series featuring a new cast was announced on October 10, Patrick Stewart , who has a background of theatre at the Royal Shakespeare Company , [4] was initially considered for the role of Data.

Justman , Rick Berman , and the casting director to convince him that "Stewart was the one they had been looking for to sit in the captain's chair"; Roddenberry agreed after auditioning every other candidate for the role.

Stewart was uncertain why the producers would cast 'a middle-aged bald English Shakespearean actor' as captain of the Enterprise. Stewart's stentorian voice impressed the executives, who immediately approved the casting.

Forester 's Horatio Hornblower novels, saying the Picard character was based on Hornblower, [10] but Stewart was already familiar with the character, having read the books as a teenager.

As the series progressed, Stewart exercised more control over the character's development. By the time production began on the first Next Generation film, "it was impossible to tell where Jean-Luc started and Patrick Stewart ended", [10] and by the fourth film, Stewart stated:.

There was a sort of double action that occurred. In one sense Picard was expanding like this and at the same time he was also growing closer and closer to me as well and in some respect I suppose even had some influence on me.

I became a better listener than I ever had been as a result of playing Jean Luc Picard because it was one of the things that he does terrifically well.

However, Stewart stated that he is not nearly as serious or brooding as his alter ego. Stewart also stated, "One of the delights of having done this series and played this role is that people are so attracted to the whole idea of Star Trek I enjoy hearing how much people enjoyed the work we did It's always gratifying to me that this bald, middle-aged Englishman seems to connect with them".

He has noted the "regular presence of Trekkies in the audience" whenever he plays theater, and added: "I meet these people afterwards, I get letters from them and see them at the stage door And they say, 'I've never seen Shakespeare before, I didn't think I'd understand it, but it was wonderful and I can't wait to come back.

A new Star Trek series was announced by CBS All Access , Alex Kurtzman and Patrick Stewart in July and released on January 23, under the title Star Trek: Picard , [14] in which Stewart reprises his role as Picard.

Jean-Luc Picard was introduced on television in , in the debut episode " Encounter at Farpoint " of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In this science fiction television show, he is the captain of a manned spacecraft of the fictional organization Starfleet as it visits various exoplanets and aliens.

It is set in the late 24th century, and Picard must balance the challenges of people and technology. As a character in the Star Trek franchise, Picard appears in various books, comics, computer games, and films throughout the s and a variety of merchandise.

He is portrayed as being deeply moved by a desire to explore the universe and with a strong sense of duty, however he has misgivings about not having a family and difficulty interacting with children.

The close-knit crew of the Enterprise provides his main friendships as they take on the Galaxy. Some of his interests, as presented by the show, include space exploration, Shakespeare, and archeology.

Jean-Luc Picard was born to Maurice and Yvette Picard in La Barre , France, on 13 July As a child, he dreamed of joining Starfleet.

In the first season of The Next Generation Picard was depicted as having an especial pride in being French, though this was dropped by the second season.

Picard also has a number of British habits, including the regular consumption of Earl Grey tea , a fondness for Shakespeare , which he performs in holodeck simulations, riding horses with English tack and a knowledge of such British songs with Royal Navy associations as " A British Tar " Gilbert and Sullivan and " Heart of Oak ".

Depicted as deeply moral, highly logical, and intelligent, Picard is a master of diplomacy and debate who resolves seemingly intractable issues between multiple, sometimes implacable parties with a Solomon -like wisdom.

Though such resolutions are usually peaceful, Picard is also shown using his remarkable tactical cunning in situations when it is required.

Picard has a fondness for detective stories , Shakespearean drama , and archeology. Two xBs stopped Picard from falling to which he mistook for an attack.

Hugh then made his presence known and told Picard they were saving him from falling. Hugh then showed Picard around the Artifact. After learning what Hugh and the Romulans were doing, he enlisted Hugh in helping him to find Soji.

They went to her quarters to find a mess and when they tried to track her again, her signal could not be found. While searching the cube for her, Soji dropped out of the celling and Picard told her about how he was too late to save her sister but still had time to save her.

Picard, Hugh and Soji fled from Romulans to the queencell. With Romulans at the door, Elnor came to the rescue, after Picard had told him to stay on the ship.

When the spatial trajectory device was ready, Soji and Picard walked through, transporting them to Nepenthe , after telling Rios to meet at their coordinates.

PIC : " The Impossible Box ". Upon arriving on Nepenthe, Picard and Soji were greeted by Kestra Troi-Riker , the daughter of William T.

Riker and Deanna Troi. They walked the residence. Once they got to the Riker residence, Picard was gleefully greeted by Deanna and later Will.

Picard explained the situation to them and they welcomed him and Soji to stay as long as they needed. During the visit, Picard spent time with Will and sought advice from him and Deanna.

Picard reminisced about the Riker's late son Thaddeus Troi-Riker with Deanna. He remembered the time he held him when he was an infant and how he liked to create languages.

At dinner, while discussing what Narek had Soji do to bring up the information he needed from her, Kestra discovered the planet they were looking for and they agreed Picard and Soji needed to find it.

PIC : " Nepenthe ". Picard speaks with Soji about her past and Commander Data on board La Sirena. After getting back to La Sirena and making introductions, Picard asked Rios to plot a course for Deep Space 12 and to get him a secure channel to Starfleet Command.

In his office, Picard spoke with Admiral Clancy about Soji and the other possible synths and asked for a squadron to travel to the Vayt sector.

He proceeded to add arguments to his cause before Clancy bluntly shooshed him, telling him that a squadron would meet him at DS After this, Picard spoke with Dr.

Jurati in sickbay, where she confessed to the murder of Bruce Maddox and agreed to surrender herself to the authorities.

Later, Raffi revealed to everyone what she had pieced together about the Romulans, the attack on Mars and the synths, prompting Soji to leave and change the course of the ship by hacking the system.

Picard accompanied Rios to the bridge where he bypassed a force field Soji put up to confront her.

The crew discussed their next move and they eventually all agreed that following Soji's plan was the best course of action.

PIC : " Broken Pieces ". Upon arriving on the synth homeworld of Coppelius , in which La Sirena crashed on the surface, Jurati was able to discover the abnormality in Picard's brain, which he revealed to the rest of the crew as being diagnosed as terminal just before La Sirena left Earth.

However, he made a point of saying he would not be treated like a dying man, and they would continue with the mission. As he had promised, he delivered Soji to her people at Coppelius Station , a community of synths led by Dr.

Altan Inigo Soong , the son of Data's creator Noonian Soong. Picard and Soji told the assembled synths that the Romulans were en route to their world to destroy them.

Picard sent a secure message to Starfleet informing them that he had made first contact and requested diplomatic negotiations and Starfleet protection for Coppelius and its inhabitants.

However, the synth community, led by Sutra , had come to another conclusion: They had discovered that the " Admonition " that the Zhat Vash believed to be a warning against synthetics was in fact a message meant for synthetics, to call for help from a hidden race of advanced artificial lifeforms to preserve their existence… even if it meant exterminating organic life in the process.

In order to stop him from trying to instill doubt in the others, Soong and Sutra ordered that Picard be held under house arrest. PIC : " Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1 ".

Picard was eventually rescued by Jurati, and the two of them traveled to La Sirena ; unbeknownst to them, the others had returned to Coppelius Station to stop the construction of the transmitter.

Having learned the ship's controls from his observations of Rios, Picard was able to take the ship back into orbit and face down the Romulan fleet, led by Commodore Oh, now revealed as a Romulan general.

A fleet of Starfleet ships, led by Riker aboard the USS Zheng He , arrived in response to Picard's transmission, informing the Romulans that Coppelius was under Federation protection.

Picard pleaded on an open channel with Soji, who was working to build the transmitter, to not become the "Destroyer" that the Romulans believed her to be.

Finally giving in, Soji destroyed the transmitter, leaving the Romulans no choice but to withdraw in the face of the overwhelming Starfleet force.

With Coppelius saved, Picard collapsed, his body beginning to fail as the result of his illness. He was beamed to the planet's surface, where he died in the company of the crew he had led on this mission.

However, Soong had been working to create a golem to transfer his consciousness into, and had just completed the work before the Romulans arrived; working with Jurati and Soji, Soong was able to transfer Picard's consciousness and memories into the golem before his brain functions ceased completely.

PIC : " Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 ". With a second chance at life, he continued on with the crew of La Sirena , noting along with Soji Asha that with the Federation's synthetic ban lifted, they were both free to travel as they pleased.

Notably, the golem 's neural net did not contain the defect in Picard's parietal lobe that caused the death of his Human body.

The android body was built to be identical to his Human body in all other ways, lacking any enhanced physical or mental abilities and having the same remaining lifespan Picard's Human body would have had if not for his brain defect.

Picard always remained in excellent health, thanks to a regimen carried over from his days as an athlete, and at the age of seventy-four in , was still a vibrant and healthy man.

Even twenty years later, Dr. Moritz Benayoun told Picard, "For a relic, you're in excellent shape. Despite his captaincy of the Enterprise , Picard still found time for fencing , racquetball , and equine sports, usually on the holodeck.

Nevertheless, he did show a tendency to overwork, avoided formal vacations, and had reported bouts of insomnia. Additionally, Picard usually tried to avoid his annual physicals, to the great irritation of Dr.

TNG : " We'll Always Have Paris ", " Pen Pals ", " Suddenly Human ", " Captain's Holiday ", " Allegiance ". At a very young age, Picard was diagnosed with Shalaft's Syndrome , a rare congenital defect that left him hypersensitive to any kind of sound.

His condition was treated, but his hearing was still highly acute. As an ensign, Picard could sense subtleties as faint as a starship's torque sensors out of alignment by three microns.

Star Trek: Insurrection ; Star Trek Nemesis. Picard lost his hair by the s , although he was known to have had a shaved head for some time as a student at Starfleet Academy.

TNG : " Rascals ", " Tapestry ", " Violations "; Star Trek Nemesis. Owing to a near-fatal stabbing through the heart in , an artificial heart was implanted to save Picard's life.

The unit required replacement when it malfunctioned in , overseen at Starbase by Dr. Katherine Pulaski. Four years later, the unit was damaged and again replaced following a near-fatal Lenarian compressed tetryon weaponry attack.

Following his assimilation by the Borg in , Picard was formally declared dead as a casualty of war by Admiral J.

The ruling was rescinded six days later when Picard was recaptured by the crew of the Enterprise. Along with the physical recovery, the incident took an enormous emotional toll and required several weeks of intensive counseling.

Even after over thirty years since his assimilation, Picard would tell Seven of Nine that he didn't feel as if he had regained all of his humanity since his liberation from the Collective.

Picard underwent similar, though less lengthy, recuperation following his capture and torture by Cardassians in TNG : " The Best of Both Worlds ", " Chain of Command, Part I ", PIC : " Stardust City Rag ".

In an alternate future timeline, Jean-Luc developed Irumodic Syndrome , and in the corresponding alternate "present" timeline in he became aware of his future condition due to being shifted through time by Q.

When Picard asked Dr. Crusher to perform medical scans on him in regards to this apparent fate, Crusher confirmed that Picard had a small structural defect in his parietal lobe that could possibly lead to Irumodic Syndrome, among other possible disorders.

TNG : " All Good Things In , Picard asked Dr. Moritz Benayoun to provide him with a certificate for interstellar service. Picard's results were at or above Starfleet standards in every category cardiovascular , metabolic , and cognitive , but the defect in his parietal lobe had developed further.

Benayoun said the defect indicated one of several syndromes, all of which were fatal. PIC : " Maps and Legends " He ultimately died just after the Defense of Coppelius due to the defect, only continuing to live on when his consciousness was transferred into a golem lacking the defect but otherwise identical to his Human body.

Picard's personnel file. Picard held diverse intellectual interests and recreational pursuits. He was a lifelong avocational archaeologist, inspired by his Academy instructor, Richard Galen, having studied the Iconian culture since his cadet days.

Picard even addressed the Federation Archaeology Council as keynote speaker in , on the subject of his oft-studied Tagus III ruins.

He also had a deep love of Terran literature, from the works of William Shakespeare to detective stories featuring Dixon Hill , and preferred to read them in their written form rather than on a holo-visual display.

Picard had studied semantics and kept his Latin fresh. TNG : " The Chase ", " Qpid ", " Hide and Q ", " Clues ", " The Game " Other subjects that enthralled Picard were physics and celestial mechanics.

He kept up with the Atlantis Project on Earth through journals. Picard was fascinated to be the first to reveal an ancient Promellian battle cruiser , as visiting such an elegant craft was always a dream of Picard's, a dream he had held on to ever since he was a child when he used to build model airships and starships in bottles, surmising that he likely had a Promellian battle cruiser in his collection.

TNG : " Family ", " Booby Trap " After his experience with the Kataan probe, Picard began to play the Ressikan flute and was good enough to perform works by Mozart.

He considered the flute to be one of his most prized possessions. It represented, to him, an entire lifetime he lived in only 25 minutes.

As of , Picard kept the flute on his desk in his ready room aboard the Enterprise -E. His attempts at painting were less successful. TNG : " The Chase ", " Family ", " The Inner Light ", " A Fistful of Datas ", " A Matter of Perspective "; Star Trek Nemesis.

Despite Picard being a rather private person, he maintained a good relationship with the members of his senior staff on board the Enterprise , but only joined in their weekly game of poker after seven years.

He delighted in fencing, horseback riding, and his scale models of various Starfleet vessels. His opponents in fencing included Lieutenant Dean and Guinan , whom Picard coached in the sport.

She initially lost one of their matches and said she did not think she liked the sport. Picard replied she liked it well enough two weeks prior, when she scored him two touches.

TNG : " We'll Always Have Paris ", " I Borg ". Only rarely did Picard take extended time off to relax.

In , several of the members of his crew persuaded him to go on holiday on Risa. While intending to just relax in the suns, reading a book, he ended up going on a treasure hunt for the Tox Uthat , an artifact from the future.

TNG : " Captain's Holiday ". Philosophically, Picard saw life and death as more than two choices of eternal or momentary existence. In fact, he believed there was another concept yet beyond Human understanding due to the marvelous complexity and the clockwork precision of the universe.

In , confronted by Q, Picard quoted from Shakespeare: " What a piece of work is man? How noble in reason? How infinite in faculty, in form, in moving, how express and admirable.

In action, how like an angel, in apprehension, how like a god… " Upon Q's interruption that surely he did not see his own species like that, Picard answered that he saw Humankind one day becoming so.

In Picard's opinion, genetic engineering with its predetermination robbed Humanity of the unknown factor that makes life worth living.

TNG : " Lonely Among Us ", " Hide and Q ", " The Masterpiece Society ". Picard claimed that he was able to trace his family's roots in western Europe back to the time of Charlemagne in the 8th century.

He had "never been a family man," and was thus long uncomfortable with the presence of children aboard the Galaxy -class Enterprise.

The orphaned son of Lieutenant Marla Aster again raised his concern about the vessel's civilian family contingent, although his unease with children had lessened since being stranded with three youths during a shipboard quantum filament crisis.

His time on Kataan also affected his views concerning family and children, as he admitted not being able to imagine a life without them.

His initial reaction to family was also reflected in the friction with his father, and later his older brother, over leaving the family business.

TNG : " Journey's End ", " The Bonding ", " Disaster ", " The Inner Light ", " Family "; Star Trek Generations. In , DaiMon Bok threatened Jason Vigo , claiming that Jason was Picard's son.

It was soon revealed that Jason was not actually Picard's son. As a parting gift, Picard gave Jason an archaeological artifact of significant sentimental value.

When Ambassador Lwaxana Troi visited the USS Enterprise -D in , she had just entered her Betazoid phase , and so she set her sights on several male crewmembers as potential mates, including Picard.

She announced her " wedding " with William Riker on the bridge of the Enterprise shortly before moving on to Picard. Following an intimate dinner with the ambassador, Picard hid himself on the holodeck in a Dixon Hill holonovel.

Lwaxana continued to teasingly flirt with Picard during her future visits to the Enterprise. On one occasion, Picard pretended to be in love with Lwaxana in order to save the ambassador's daughter, Deanna Troi, and Riker from Ferengi captivity.

Lwaxana was most impressed with his Shakespearian poetry. Picard had a relationship with an "adventurer" and some-time criminal named Vash. They initially met when Picard aided her attempts to find a rare artifact.

Over the course of their adventure, the two developed an intimate relationship. Vash later returned to the Enterprise as part of an archaeological advisory team and was upset to find that Picard had not told his friends about their relationship.

At the same time, Q appeared on the ship, and in return for Picard's aid in getting back to the Q Continuum, he created a Robin Hood fantasy world in which Picard Robin had to save Vash Maid Marian.

Eventually, Vash and Picard parted on good terms, as she decided to travel the universe with Q.

She later reappeared one last time on Deep Space 9 after being unceremoniously abandoned by her "partner" Q. In , while mediating negotiations between the warring planets Krios and Valt Minor , Picard encountered Kamala , an empathic metamorph intended as a gift for Valtese Chancellor Alrik.

Due to premature emergence from stasis, Kamala underwent her bonding phase before the marriage could be completed. When circumstances placed Picard and Kamala in close proximity to each other, she eventually bonded with the captain.

However, having adapted to be perfectly compatible with Picard, Kamala found that her sense of duty demanded that she proceed with the marriage rather than pursue a relationship with Picard.

Picard was deeply affected by Kamala, as shown by his reaction to Ambassador Briam 's inquiry about the experience. In , Lieutenant Commander Nella Daren came aboard the Enterprise to become head of the ship's Stellar sciences department.

In her new role, she was very forthright in her requests for ship resources to support her department's studies.

Soon after coming aboard, she and Picard met. A friendship quickly formed, based on their shared love for music. Daren accompanied the captain on a portable piano while he played the Ressikan flute.

Their friendship soon blossomed into love. The crew reacted differently to Picard and Daren's romance: Deanna Troi was happy for Picard and gave her blessing; Beverly Crusher seemed jealous; and Riker felt that Daren was asking for special treatment because she was the captain's "girlfriend.

When a fire storm threatened the Bersallis III Federation outpost, Daren suggested a plan to shield the outpost against the heat while the Enterprise evacuated the colonists.

Eight crewmen lost their lives, but Daren survived. Afterward, it became obvious to Picard and Daren that it would be extremely difficult to continue their relationship while serving on the same ship, thus Daren requested a transfer.

As they said goodbye, they promised to keep seeing each other, but knew their relationship would never be the same. TNG : " Lessons ". In , Picard developed a short, though intimate relationship with the Ba'ku woman Anij , while protecting her planet from the combined Starfleet- Son'a threat.

Anij, while over three hundred years old, appeared as a woman in her late thirties. Despite their intimacy, Picard returned to the Enterprise after the planned relocation of the Ba'ku was averted.

Shortly before leaving, Picard said he had days of vacation time coming, and that he planned on using them. Beverly Crusher and Picard maintained a close friendship while serving on the Enterprise -D, usually sharing their morning meal together.

Crusher usually tried to serve a new and exotic food, although both she and Picard preferred something simple.

TNG : " Attached ". Their relationship stayed platonic, for the most part. They considered one another close friends and would give each other advice when dealing with difficult decisions.

While Crusher was in anguish over Odan 's failing health while the symbiont was in Riker's body, Picard gave her a hug, and assured her that he would always be her friend and be willing to help her any way he could.

TNG : " The Host ". Crusher's anger over the treatment of Kamala led to Picard spending time with her, where he quickly learned that he was falling for the metamorph.

Crusher did not know what to say, but reciprocated the emotional support he had offered the year prior.

TNG : " The Perfect Mate ". Picard tried to make Crusher realize that the deaths of Jo'Bril and later Reyga were not her fault and that she should not try to rush her investigation.

Crusher was too upset and preoccupied to understand his words, and Picard was extremely disappointed when she broke the Prime Directive and performed an autopsy on Reyga.

TNG : " Suspicions ". Picard knew that Crusher's odd decisions after meeting Ronin were not normal and confronted her on Caldos colony.

In fact, she was so relentless that after using a bedroom confession against Picard in court, which left Picard absolutely stunned as to her betrayal , Louvois was removed from the case and she promptly resigned from Starfleet before she could be formally censured.

TNG novel : The Buried Age Nonetheless, the grueling hearing found Picard innocent of any negligence, however his relationship with Louvois was ended.

As a result of his actions at the Battle of Maxia , Picard was awarded the Grankite Order of Tactics on Stardate STA short story : " Darkness ".

Following the court-martial hearings, Picard, who was feeling at ends following the destruction of the Stargazer , began to wonder if starship command was really for him.

He decided to visit his former second officer Elizabeth Wu on the Hydra IV colony. Wu had left the Stargazer in , but Picard had kept in touch with her over the years, and desired the perspective of someone who had been in Starfleet, but left it behind.

Picard's craft crash-landed on an uncharted and unexplored planet. There, he encountered a group of Rhitori , whose ancestors owed their freedom to the Stargazer responding to their distress call over 20 years prior.

The incident made Picard realize all the good that he had done, and could continue to do, as a starship captain. Picard decided to remain in Starfleet.

Soon after, Picard began guest lecturing at Starfleet Academy, as well as transferring between numerous assignments. TNG novel : Doors Into Chaos.

Picard also enrolled as a Ph. Three years into this program, he was teaching an introductory class in archaeology when Guinan paid him a visit, and questioned whether he really wanted to avoid going back to commanding a starship.

During his time at the University of Alpha Centauri Picard assembled a group of archeologists who wanted discovered some survivors of the ancient race of Manraloth.

Picard fell in love with the first survivor they were able to rescue from a time stasis field. Not remembering her past, she accepted the name "Ariel".

Picard and Ariel spent many months together putting together a team of Starfleet specialists who would eventually search for other Manraloth.

Knowing that he could achieve their goal only with the help of Starfleet, Picard rejoined the fleet and was given command of the Miranda -class USS Portia.

For this mission he recruited Lieutenant Data as his science officer. After they found other survivors, Picard realized that Ariel who in the meanwhile regained her memory, and remembered her true name: Giriaenn had tricked him by using his feelings for her.

The Manraloth planned to destroy the Federation in order to save the galaxy. It took Picard three years to hunt them down, but in , he lead a fleet of seven starships to prevent the Regnancy of the Carnelian Throne from accessing the Manraloth archive.

The fleet, which was made up of the USS Cybele , USS Thelian , USS Tecumseh , USS Malinche , USS Victory , USS Puttkamer and the USS Nautilus , assembled in the Mirfak system before travelling at high warp to the Kirisha system where they engaged the Carnelian warships.

The Manraloth realised that their plans were wrong and evolved into the next stage of being. Soon after that Picard accepted to take command of the USS Enterprise -D.

TNG novel : The Buried Age. Before moving back into a starship command role in , Picard served as the special liaison officer to the Federation President.

FASA RPG module : Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual. Picard was ferried from Starbase 52 and assumed command of the Enterprise -D on stardate Also assigned to the Enterprise as chief medical officer was Jack Crusher's widow, Beverly Crusher.

TNG novel : Reunion ; TNG novelization : All Good Things Upon arriving on the Enterprise , he was greeted by his second officer Lieutenant Commander Data, who escorted him to the bridge.

Upon arriving on the bridge, he informed the ship's computer that he was taking command of the ship, and began the Captain's log of the Enterprise.

TNG novelization : Encounter at Farpoint. During his first day as Captain of the Enterprise , Data interrupted Picard 12 times with questions or requests regarding starship operations.

Picard eventually asked Data if he intended to check with him before breathing, and told Data that he was not a Captain that needed to be made aware of or approve every little detail involved with running the ship.

TNG novelization : Relics. Soon after taking command of the Enterprise-D , Picard and crew had their first encounter with omnipotent being known as Q.

Q accused Picard and the humanity he represented as being unworthy of further access to the stars and put Picard and members of his crew on trial.

Picard challenged Q to allow his crew to be tested as a barometer of humanity's progress. After Picard solved the mystery of Farpoint Station , Q agreed to let the Enterprise , and by extension, humanity itself continue its explorations.

Q warned them, however, that the trial wasn't over. In mid , the Enterprise met with a Ferengi vessel in the Xendi Sabu system commanded by DaiMon Bok , who presented the long-lost Stargazer as a gift to Picard.

Bok claimed to have found the starship adrift. He was actually the father of the Ferengi DaiMon defeated by Picard at Maxia-Zeta nine years earlier, and his 'gift' was actually part of an elaborate plan of revenge.

Bok was arrested by his own crew for engaging in such an unprofitable venture as revenge. TNG episode : " The Battle ". The Enterprise was present when the Romulans returned to the galactic stage in late , after a fifty-three year absence, since the Tomed Incident of TNG episode : " The Neutral Zone ".

In early , the Enterprise was ordered to chair negotiations between the Klingons and the Kreel , after the Kreel had taken over an uninhabited planet designated DQN that contained a stash of advanced weaponry, and had begun attacking Klingon ships.

The situation was very intense, as relations between the two adversaries were never good, but Picard and the Klingon Ambassador , The Honorable Kobry , managed to keep the situation on an even keel for the most part.

In the end, the weapons, and thus the point of contention, vanished when the weapons creators, the advanced race known as the Cognocenti , finished their tests on the species involved in the affair and moved on.

TNG novel : Strike Zone. Soon after, the Enterprise was summoned to the planet Raimon to attend the death ceremony of the planet's Primarch , Sarlis Gaspadral , an old friend of Picard's.

When the Primarch was murdered, Picard was accused of the crime. Commander William T. Riker fought in Picard's place in the societies traditional trial by combat, and was nearly killed himself before the identity of the true killer, Lutina , the Primarch's daughter, was revealed.

TNG comics : " Return to Raimon ", " Murder, Most Foul ". When the USS Yamato , under the command of Captain Donald Varley was destroyed by an Iconian computer virus in , Picard and the Enterprise raced to find Iconia and stop the virus from destroying his own ship, and as it turned out, a cloaked Romulan warbird that had been stalking them.

TNG episode : " Contagion ". Picard and the Enterprise first encountered the Borg in System J of the Delta Quadrant after a tense argument with Q.

The Enterprise barely survived the encounter, and it was only with Q's help that the starship returned to the Alpha Quadrant.

TNG episode : " Q Who ". The Enterprise was assigned to transport Ambassador Sarek to Legara IV , in order to conclude his negotiations with the Legarans , which took nearly years to complete.

During the voyage it was discovered that Sarek had contracted Bendii Syndrome , and that his emotions were starting to control him. Picard volunteered to mind meld with Sarek, so that he could act as an emotional anchor for the Vulcan as he concluded the talks, which were successful.

TNG episode : " Sarek "; TNG novelization : Unification. The Borg kidnapped and assimilated Picard in late The Borg intended the Picard-drone, designated as Locutus , to act as a liaison between the Borg and humanity.

Using Picard's knowledge of Starfleet procedures, Locutus led the Borg at the Battle of Wolf which resulted in the loss of 11, lives and 39 starships.

The Borg were stopped when Picard's first officer , William T. Riker , captured Locutus and managed to use Locutus' link to the collective against the Borg.

TNG episodes : " The Best of Both Worlds, Part I ", " The Best of Both Worlds, Part II "; TNG novelization : Star Trek: First Contact.

In early , the former surviving crew of the Stargazer gathered aboard the Enterprise to travel with Captain Morgen , the hereditary leader of the planet Daa'V , to his coronation ceremony.

During the voyage, attempts were made on the lives of both Morgen and Captain Ben Zoma. Evidence was planted implicating Idun Asmund as the killer, and she was confined.

Enterprise Chief of security Worf investigated further, and discovered that the would-be killer was actually Dr. Carter Greyhorse. Greyhorse had grown despondent since the death of his lover, Idun's twin sister Gerda Asmund.

Greyhorse was seeking revenge on those he believed to be responsible for Gerda's death. Later that year, the Borg launched a renewed assault on the Federation, sending several ships into the Alpha Quadrant.

The Borg were defeated by the woman known as Delcara , who had commandeered an ancient Doomsday machine built by a long-forgotten race.

Delcara used the weapon viscously in her personal vendetta against the Borg. In the end, Delcara proved to be as big of a threat as the Borg.

Delcara vanished, never to return, after attempting to use her vessel to break the Warp 10 barrier. TNG novel : Vendetta. Picard discovered that several doppelgangers from the mirror universe had been raiding Federation facilities and allied ships.

Following a raid on a Andorian cruiser, Picard discovered that they were doppelgangers of himself and Riker. Picard became suspicious when Admiral Owen Paris sent the Enterprise to the Martorelles array.

Picard then met his counterpart and his crew when they attempted to take the Enterprise. TNG - Through the Mirror comics : " Issue 2 ", " Issue 3 ", " Issue 4 ".

In , Picard was disabled by an alien probe while onboard the Enterprise. He woke up as a resident of the planet Kataan , being called by his wife as "Kamin".

During a time period of approximately 20 minutes, Picard lived as Kamin during the planet's final decades. After five years since his first experience on Kataan, he accepted his life as a Starfleet officer had actually been some kind of illusion created by his own mind.

During his life as Kamin, Picard devoted most of his time on playing flute. He was married to Eline and later had two children, daughter Meribor and son Batai, and one grandson, Kamie.

One day, Kamin was called by his family to witness "the launching", which only he seemed not to know about. As he witnessed the event, he recognized that the probe being launched from the planet's surface was actually the same probe that disabled him during his time on the Enterprise decades ago.

Kamin's family then explained to him that that probe was launched so the Kataanian people would not be forgotten after their planet was destroyed.

Picard then regained consciousness on the bridge of the Enterprise. Shocked and disoriented, Picard realized he had lived an entire lifetime in only a few real-time minutes.

After the Enterprise is able to examine the probe's interior, they find a flute inside, the same one which Picard played while living as Kamin.

He kept the flute for himself so he would always have a memory from his experience as Kamin. TNG episode : " The Inner Light ". In this same year, Picard went undercover on Romulus to investigate the activity of ambassador Spock on the planet.

Following this mission he returned to the Enterprise to find correspondence from an old friend, Dr Marjorie Devarona , inviting him to join an expedition to recently discovered ruins on the planet Rajatha Prime.

Picard gladly accepted and left Commander Riker in charge of the Enterprise for a week whilst he joined the expedition. TNG novelization : Unification ; TNG comic : " Captain's Pleasure ".

Shortly into his visit the team discovered a collection of harmonic diamonds , unknown to them at the time the gems stimulating areas of the brain associated with primitive emotions , including anger , envy , and greed , they soon began to affect the team.

Picard had not touched the diamonds himself so remained unaffected but the rest of the group consumed by greed and suspicion gradually killed each other through the day.

In short time only Picard and the first person to touch the gems, Gest , survived. As Gest made her move to attack Picard an away team from the Enterprise arrived, alerted by the lack in communications from the expedition.

Per Dr. Devarona's last wishes Picard had the valuable diamonds invested in funding archaeological digs across the quadrant.

TNG comic : " Captain's Pleasure ". In , Captain Picard met with Benjamin Sisko , who had been assigned to Deep Space 9 to assist the Bajorans in joining the Federation.

Sisko was initially wary of Picard due to Jennifer Sisko having been killed aboard the USS Saratoga when Picard led the Borg at the Battle of Wolf as Locutus.

Following Sisko's encounter with the Prophets in the Bajoran wormhole , Sisko seemed to forgive Picard. DS9 episode : " Emissary ". Picard decided to act as a secret benefactor for Jake Sisko after reading that Jennifer Sisko had died at Wolf DS9 novelization : Emissary.

At some point, Picard and the Enterprise received a report from Captain Buck Stratton of the USS Yandro , indicating that retired Captain Scotty had responded to a distress call ; Scott and the Goddard contacted the Enterprise directly, asking if Picard's offer to share their library computer was still available.

While Scott was aboard, Guinan met with him and found herself uneasy about his presence and told her suspicions to the Captain, who agreed to speak with him only to discover the Goddard had departed.

The shuttlecraft boarded a Klingon bird-of-prey and headed for the Arhennius star and appeared to be preparing for a gravity slingshot back through time.

Guinan insisted they must follow, and when they emerged, they found themselves in , and realized Scott intended to save his former commanding officer, James T.

Guinan offered no further assistance, and Picard became cross with her; without her guidance, they decided to head towards Earth. En route, they came to Andor and found it surrounded by a Borg fleet, slowly assimilating the planet; Guinan revealed that they would find Earth similarly assimilated and the Collective entrenched in the Alpha Quadrant.

A vessel, the D'Zidran hailed them, revealing the alternate versions of Tal and Guinan. When asked to explain their presence, Picard explained they were from an alternate reality, but lied that they were searching for alternate universes where the Borg had been destroyed.

Picard met with the alternate Guinan, who then convinced Tal to issue a fleet-wide alert for Scott. A vessel, the Wisdom had located the time traveling engineer and contacted the Enterprise , revealing the Sarek of this universe, now leader of the interstellar Alliance , who agreed to rendezvous with the Enterprise.

While waiting for the Wisdom , while trying to sleep, Picard experienced the whispers of the Borg Collective, and he discovered a Borg spy amongst Sarek's crew, but could not determine their exact identity.

Picard convinced Sarek to allow them to beam over and scan the Wisdom 's crew, and the spy - a Narisian named Baltior now possessed by the Borg Queen - attacked when she realized she was revealed.

With the Borg aware of their presence, and the Queen remembering false visions of seeing her own death at his hands, the Borg moved to destroy Picard and the Enterprise.

Sarek logically but incorrectly assumed that the Borg would not deviate from their typical behavior of ignoring all starships that did not engage the Borg directly, but Kirk convinced Picard to act rather than delay when a Borg cube came for them.

After this cube was destroyed via a secret weapon of the Alliance, the sensor shield around the Sol system lowered and they could see Earth assimilated, the cradle of the Borg in the Alpha Quadrant, as thousands of cubes emerged.

Picard set a course for the Nexus, but Kirk instead convinced them to head for Gateway to utilize the Guardian of Forever.

Suspecting that Kirk himself was the key to the altered timeline, he offered to kill himself, but Guinan insisted he could not, but must be returned to the Nexus, and the Enterprise doubled back for the energy ribbon.

The Enterprise was successful in returning Kirk to the anomaly and the timeline returned to normal. Star Trek novel : Engines of Destiny. At stardate Captain Picard worked together with the Garidian Captain Pentara and the Chodak Admiral Brodnack to send the Device into the future, feeling that the galaxy was not ready for such advanced technology.

TNG video game : A Final Unity. In late , the Enterprise was sent to the Gorn homeworld to attend a peace summit with the Gorn.

Enroute, the Enterprise encountered a long-abandoned alien station. When the starship approached, the station's systems became active and transported Captain Picard back in time to Cestus III in , four days before it was attacked by the Gorn.

On arrival at the outpost, Picard gave the false name of Dixon Hill to the commander of the outpost, Commodore Travers. In his time on the base, Picard was successful in preventing the base's reactor from exploding and witnessed first hand the brutal attack made on the outpost by the Gorn.

Picard was eventually recovered from the past by the same transporter technology that sent him there.

Following Picard's return to the 24th century, the Enterprise continued on to the Gorn homeworld. Picard somehow tracked this conspiracy to a secret complex on Earth and sent an away team of his senior staff to infiltrate it and reveal the conspiracy to the rest of Starfleet, with orders to destroy it as a last resort if necessary.

TNG comics : " Space Seeds ", " An Inconvenient Truth ". Meanwhile Picard contacted Admiral Nechayev to inform her of his findings but received a cold reply warning him off taking the matter further.

Picard correctly suspected the admiral might be involved in the conspiracy and went to talk to Mr. Boothby to ask his opinion on her and the conspiracy.

Boothby confirmed rumours of a shady group within Starfleet, but was not sure whether or not Nechayev could be trusted.

Just as Boothby departed to go back to bed Picard found himself under attack, from a Tellarite lurking in the shadows. Fortunately just as a beam pierced his torso he was beamed away.

He materialised within the conspirator's complex, and was greeted by one of the conspirators. At an apparent stalemate Picard ordered Geordie to activate the explosive charges the team had set, but they failed to detonate - the conspirators had deactivated them moments after the away team set them.

The conspirators then beamed away leaving Picard empty-handed. TNG comic : " An Inconvenient Truth ".

After the destruction of the Enterprise-D at the world of Veridian III , there was a brief hearing at Starfleet Command , in which Picard was cleared of any negligence or wrongdoing.

It was announced that there would be another starship Enterprise built, the USS Enterprise -E , and it was assumed that command of the ship would be given to Picard.

TNG novel : Triangle: Imzadi II Picard also sent word to Ambassador Spock on Romulus about Kirk's body. Robert told him he had to learn how to live with what happened, regardless of what he decided to do.

Picard decided that his life was still in Starfleet. Prior to Picard's leaving, Robert gave him a bottle of wine, with the advice not to drink it all at once or alone.

The two embraced before Picard left to return to his life on the Enterprise. In , while investigating a Reman coup against the Romulan Star Empire, Picard discovered that the new Praetor was Shinzon, a younger clone of himself made by the Romulans made to replace Picard, but was discarded.

While technically not a member of the Picard family, Shinzon looked up to Picard as a father-figure at first, until Picard learned of his genocidal plans for Earth.

During their final battle in the Bassen Rift, Picard tried to appeal to Shinzon using their common genetics, but Shinzon rejected him.

Later, as Picard boarded the Scimitar to disable its superweapon, he was forced to impale Shinzon. In Picard and Data went to Romulus to determine why Spock had gone there.

Picard also had to deliver the sad news that Sarek had died. Once on Romulus Picard was able to confront Spock, who informed Picard that he was working with an underground movement to bring about a peaceful reunification between the Vulcan and Romulan peoples.

Picard, Data, and Spock were able to defeat a plot by the Empire to invade the planet Vulcan. Spock decided to remain on Romulus and continue working with the underground's survivors to bring about a reformation of the Empire.

Picard gave his friend Spock the opportunity to touch what Sarek had shared with him via mind meld. Picard was temporarily relieved of command of the Enterprise in so that he could undertake a secret mission to the Cardassian planet Celtris III in search of a research facility supposedly studying the manufacture of metagenic weapons.

The intelligence on the research facility turned out to be false, part of a specific plot to capture Picard. S1 E6 Feb 26, The Impossible Box.

S1 E7 Mar 04, S1 E8 Mar 11, Broken Pieces. S1 E9 Mar 18, Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1. S1 E10 Mar 25,

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